2019 X22


Made with the grand ambition to cut out compromise, the new X22 comes correct. At 22 feet, it's small enough to be highly agile but with an open pickle fork bow and smart layout, there's plenty of seating to bring a strong crew—and all of the creature comforts you expect in the X Series. With a stunning 3550 pounds of displacement and the new intelligent Switchback Ballast Tank, you can go heavy and hard or slow and low to make a wave or a wake for every skill level. Add in the optional FastFill Pumps to get the good times rolling in under four minutes. Load up 15 of your family and friends, bring the boards and get ready to set summer on fire.

Boat length 22'4" / 6.81 M
Beam 102" / 2.59 M
Interior width * 86.5" / 2.20 M
Weight 5500 LBS / 2495 KG
Ballast with Gen 2 3550 LBS / 1610 KG
Fuel capacity 68.5 Gal / 259 L
Capacity 2250 LBS / 1021 KG
Draft 35" / .89 M
Boat height ** 96.7" / 2.45 M
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 16 People
Color options Infinite
Storage 92 Ft3 / 2.6 M3
Wake Thick - Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip
Surf - Powerful Wake Shape
Activity Wakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)
Wakeboard - Competition (23+ mph)
Wake Surfing (10-12 mph)

* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.

** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 tower to the lowest point of the boat's running gear.

Please note dimensions are nominal only - contact us for detailed technical information and technical guidance.