The 2019 model year is coming in hot and fresh out the kitchen. We went back to the lab and refreshed our recipe once again. Every year, we work to make sure our boats are engineered and built better than anything else in the industry and improving year over year. Once we have the foundation in place, we start adding features to make your day on the water even more awesome.

Have a look at this hit list of new highlights:

HUGE 7" SCREEN. See it all bigger, brighter and sharper. Now comes standard for the X Series and is available in the XT Series.

REDESIGNED STEERING WHEEL. Take the helm behind the new steering wheel in the X Series and the XT Series for more comfort, control and precision.

COOLFEEL BLACK AND CLOUD GRAY FOR THE NXT SERIES. Rock it stealth in black or go chill in cloud gray with new seating options across the NXT Series.

FAST FILL PUMPS. No more waiting around to roll out endless surf. Our new Fast Fill Pumps are almost 300% faster and come standard on the XStar. Also available across the X Series and the XT Series.

AUDIO ZONE CONTROL FROM KMSU1. Tune your tunes the way you want them. As part of the Advanced Audio package on the NXT Series and the XT Series, Audio Zone Control lets you set different volume levels for the bow, cockpit, subwoofer and tower.

SWITCHBACK BALLAST TANK. This is the big one. Our new intelligent Switchback Ballast Tank rapidly moves water from port to starboard and back again to serve up bigger, longer and cleaner waves with the largest surfable sweet spot in the industry. There's simply not another surf wave like this behind a tow boat.